Tai Chi Practice Community of Bradford – West  Gwillimbury and Simcoe Region

Welcome Beginners to Well-Practiced Enthusiasts !

Traditional (Chen) Tai Chi

MONDAYS  @ 7 pm

Master Shen Chew Master Shenton Chew

Sessions held in the East conference room of

 Royal Canadian Legion Hall

115 Back St, Bradford, Ontario


As a grassroots founding group of Tai Chi practice enthusiasts, we welcome the opportunity to nurture an open Tai Chi community of practice for people of all ages. 

We are excited to have such an accomplished tandem of Masters offering two distinct forms of Tai Chi. We invite you to join us. Try the different forms of Tai Chi!  Settle on the one or more variations that you feel suit you best. 

Tai Chi…For Your Wellness

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We are a grassroots founding group of Tai Chi practice enthusiasts ranging from relative novice or rusty past-practitioner 😉 to well practiced student of the Art.  While our numbers are gradually growing as a community of practice, we openly invite others to join us from the surrounding region. Our shared interest in Tai Chi includes nurturing a community of practice.

As well, we welcome good, friendly relations with other Tai Chi groups. 

TraditioMaster Shen Chewnal Tai Chi with Master Chew

♦ Certified Chen and Yang Style Instructor

♦ Successful Tai Chi competitor

Accomplished Tai Chi public event demonstrator

Consulted Expert in Tai Chi publications & videos

 Studied & Practiced in other Tai Chi styles

Our Monday evening session traditional Tai Chi instructor



(Sponsorship welcome)


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Please feel free to contact us using the contact form below

(or email direct to TaiChi.Bradford@gmail.com)