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Welcome to a window into our Community of Practice…

We are a grassroots group of Tai Chi practice enthusiasts ranging from relative novice, or rusty past-practitioner ;-), to well-practiced student of the art. 

While our numbers are gradually growing as a community of practice, we openly invite others to join us from the surrounding region. Our shared interest in Tai Chi includes not only improving our balance, health and wellness, but also to nurture a community of practice that, in short time, will interact with ‘neighbouring’ communities of Tai Chi practice.

Travellers passing through Bradford are also welcome — in keeping with our openness to interacting with others and pursuit of good, friendly relations with other Tai Chi groups. 

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We now look forward to our new chapter of experience in 2019 as the new, and most northeast affiliate of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation.

(See CTF Code of Practice below)

Happy World Tai Chi Day
Happy World Tai Chi Day !

We practice Chen and Yang styles

Yang Tai Chi Essential 24 Forms

1. Commencing Form
2. Parting the Horse’s Mane
3. White Crane Spreads its Wings
4. Brush Knee
5. Playing the Lute
6. Repulsing the Monkey
7. Grasping the Bird’s Tail on the Right
8. Grasping the Bird’s Tail on the Left
9. Single Whip
10. Cloud Hands
11. Single Whip
12. High Pat on the Horse
13. Kick Out with the Right Heel
14. Double Punch
15. Turn, Kick Out with the Left Heel
16. Serpent in the Grass on the Right, Golden Cockerel Stands on its Left Leg
17. Serpent in the Grass on the Left, Golden Cockerel Stands on its Right Leg
18. Maiden Working the Shuttles
19. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea
20. Flash Arms like a Fan
21. Turn, Deflect, Parry and Punch
22. Apparent Closing and Push
23. Cross Hands
24. Closing Form

Also practiced: Yang Short Form

Chen’s Taichi Essential 18 Forms 

  1. 起势    Starting Posture
  2. 金剛捣碓    Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar
  3. 懶扎衣    Lazy About Tucking the Robe
  4. 六封四閉    Six Sealing and Four Closing
  5. 單鞭    Single Whip
  6. 白鵝亮翅哪    White Goose Spreads Wings
  7. 斜行    Diagonal Step
  8. 摟膝    Grab the Knee
  9. 拗步    Twisted Step
  10. 掩手肱拳    Covering Hand Punch
  11. 高探馬    High Pat on Horse
  12. 左蹬跟    Left Heel Kick
  13. 玉女穿梭    Fair Lady Works at Shuttles
  14. 運手    Wave Hands
  15. 轉身雙擺蓮    Turn Around with Double Lotus Kick
  16. 當頭炮    Cannon to the Face
  17. 金剛搗碓    Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar
  18. 收式     Closing Posture

Chen’s Taichi Old Frame Routine One

Chen’s Taichi Old Frame Routine Two

Chen’s Taichi New Frame Routine One

Chen’s Taichi New Frame Routine Two

Also practiced: Modified Chen Short Form

Tribute to our Master & Sifa

Master Chew & Assistant (wife) Lee

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Code of Practice

Code of Practice