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Just in time for Christmas!  Gift Certificates are now available!

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Raise the roof Poster - Legion fundraiserTai Chi Bradford – Simcoe presented its gracious host, Bradford’s Royal Canadian Legion, with an old hand-carved brass-lined wooden mug bearing the RCAF crest – reportedly carved by a prisoner of war – in gratitude for the support of the Legion and its fine members. As hoped, the mug will be added to the Legion’s fine display of historic relics. Legion Raising the Roof presentation

Also at the event, the Legion’s very noble Veteran Banner Program was further promoted founding a new annual tradition of honouring a growing number of Legion Banner campaignlocal veterans on commemorative banners that will be hung in a colonnade of lamp posts leading into the old village core, in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day.




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In an effort to organize two fun group trips that we have an opportunity to enjoy, please visit the Events Page and submit your note of confirmed interest:

  •  Canadian Taijiquan Federation Fall Symposium 2017 Kitchener                            – Saturday, September 30, 2017 @ 2:00 PM (registration required, no admission fee)
  •  Full Autumn Living Workshop – Kitchener-Waterloo –  Saturday, October 14, 2017 (registration required, modest group admission fee in negotiation)

Spouses, partners, friends, etc. welcome to join the group.

See the Events Page for details!…

Another Stat Holiday Monday is upon us!… Labour Day, September 4…. Meaning, our Tai Chi session will be moved that short week to Thursday, September 7.

September membership fees are being collected on Thursday as well.


Also, tickets are still available as singles and discounted couples pairings for RAISING THE ROOF — see below



Raise the roof Poster - Legion fundraiser

 June 30, 2017 — CANADA DAY Canada flag 

                              SCHEDULING ADJUSTMENT

As more Tai Chi participants than not appeared to prefer not practicing on the stat holiday Monday, July 3’s session has been moved to Thursday, July 6 at 7 pm.

Please pass this news on…..   Thank you


June 6, 2017 – NOTICE

  • Traditional Tai Chi sessions for Mondays June 12 and 19 are postponed. Master Chew is away presenting on Tai Chi seminars and finalizing work on a new book on Tai Chi. Meanwhile, please feel free to attend this Thursday’s non-traditional Tai Chi.
  • The traditional Tai Chi sessions shall resume Monday, June 25.


  • This Thursday’s non-traditional Tai Chi session will be held in the Legion’s courtyard. Access through the west door of the Club Room. Signage ought to be up in advance to direct your path to same.


Please spread the word and attract more people interested in participating in either or both sessions.

Standby for special event announcement

Non-traditional Tai Chi with Master Yun tomorrow!

Weather-permitting (and the forecast looks pretty good), the second offering of our weekly Tai Chi launches @  7 pm in the Legion Hall patio and games courtyard- ALL ARE INVITED!

Enter from the east side parking lot “Club Room” building entrance, pass through the Club Room quietly to the patio door, and please make sure the door stays unlocked for others following behind you. (We are later to exit via one of the emergency exits to the parking lot for security purposes).


Master Chew & Assistant (wife) LeeBy invitation of Master Chew…

And as mentioned by Master Chew at the end of our first session, we are invited to join him and others impassioned with Tai Chi at a “Light of Tai Chi” special gala event:

June 21 at 7:00 pm

Casa Victoria

8601 Warden Avenue, Unit 4,  Markham

Meet Tai Chi enthusiasts from all over the world

  • Observe & meet (cordially) two highest-ranking Chinese Martial Artists and many world and Chinese National champions.
  • Enjoy professional entertainment
  • The restaurant is touted as “one of the best Chinese restaurants in Canada” (http://www.casavictoria.ca/).
  • $48/person. See host’s advertisement below.
  • To coordinate a group of us attending, please indicate your interest and intention of attending to TaiChi.Bradford@gmail.com .  Thank you

Tai Chi gala announcement

June 11, 2017

Wushu NewmarketMaster Chew caricature

Master Chew wishes to share that we have an opportunity to attend upcoming Tai Chi wushu competition being held in Newmarket this coming June 17 (see poster to the left)



June 13, 2017

Non-Traditional Tai Chi Sessions (Thursday) — CANCELLED

Master Yun’s Thursday non-traditional Tai Chi sessions are discontinued at the insistence of his outspoken manager, Mrs. Yun.


— Light of Tai Chi Gala Dinner – Almost SOLD OUT —






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