Chen Demonstrations and Instruction – Cannons

CHEN Cannon 23 Demo
Fellow CTF member and Sifu, Steve Higgins, demonstrates Chen Cannon 23, starting with warm-ups including orbits, power, neigong and then joint work.

20:00​ – Silk Reeling -negative and positive circles, then painting eyebrows red w. whipping application.

25:00​ – Cutting Frame.

26:00​ – elbow circles and strikes.

28:00​ – Dragon Through Clouds.

29:00​ -Teacups and wheeling circles / liehjin and qi-washing.

35:50​ – Wrist work etc. beginning of Cannon Fist done as qigong / silk reeling. 40:44​ – C.F. I

44:00​ – Q. re. additions at Guard Heart. The issue of directions. @nd. monitor? Followed by another rep.

54:00​ – Part II

59:30​ – Part III ends w. application at end re hand stabilizing the centreline. 1:08:40​ – Starting Part IV – Painting Eyebrows Red.

1:14​ – Wringing the tea towel and flying cutting frame.

19:35​ – From the beginning.

Chen Cannon 25 Demo
Fellow CSF and Sifu, Steve Higgins, demonstrates and provides pointers on Chen- Cannon 25
Chen Style Tai Chi – Cannon Fist
Fellow CTF member and Sifu, Steve Higgins, instructs on Chen Style Cannon Fist, plus complete Bang practice and a summary review of Five Words Meditation