Chen’s Taichi Old Frame Routine Two

Chen’s Taichi Old Frame Routine Two

  1. 太极起势 Starting Posture
  2. 金刚捣碓 Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar
  3. 懒扎衣 Lazy About Tucking the Robe
  4. 六封四闭 Six Sealing and Four Closing
  5. 单鞭 Single Whip
  6. 跃步护心拳 Leap with Protecting the Heart Punch
  7. 进步斜行 Diagonal Step
  8. 回头金刚捣碓 Turn Around with Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar
  9. 撇身拳 Leaning Body Punch
  10. 指裆 Strike the Groin
  11. 斩手 Chop Hand
  12. 翻­花舞袖 Dance with the Sleeves
  13. 掩手肱拳 Covering Hand Punch
  14. 转身腰拦肘 Turn Around with Cross Elbow Strike
  15. 大肱拳小肱拳 Upper and Lower Arm Strikes
  16. 玉女穿梭 Fair Lady Works with Shuttles
  17. 倒骑龙 Ride on the Dragon Backward
  18. 掩手肱拳 Covering Hand Punch
  19. 裹鞭裹鞭 Wrapping Punches
  20. 兽头势 Beast Head Posture
  21. 披架子 Chopping Posture
  22. 掩手肱拳 Covering Hand Punch
  23. 伏虎 Tame the Tiger
  24. 抹眉肱 Brush the Eye Brows
  25. 左右黄龙三搅水 Yellow Dragon Stirs Up Water
  26. 左冲右冲 Dash to the Left and Dash to the Right
  27. 掩手肱拳 Covering Hand Punch
  28. 扫膛腿 Sweep Kick
  29. 掩手肱拳 Covering Hand Punch
  30. 全炮捶 Full Cannon Fist
  31. 掩手肱拳 Covering Hand Punch
  32. 捣叉捣叉 Pound and Split
  33. 左二肱右二肱 Left and Right Continuous Strikes
  34. 回头当门炮 Turn Around with Cannon Fist
  35. 变势大捉炮 Switch Position with Cannon Fist
  36. 腰拦肘 Cross Elbow Strike
  37. 顺拦肘 Straight Elbow Strike
  38. 窝底炮 Cannon into the Nest
  39. 回头井拦直入 Turn Around and Drop the Pulley Rope into the Well
  40. 金刚捣碓 Buddha’s Warrior Pounds Mortar
  41. 收势 Closing Posture